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Dirty Piss Fuckers

Dirty Piss Fuckers

All new totally hot, dripping wet, piss action like you have never seen before!

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Scene 1
There are three parts to this scene, the first part shows us the young DJ host explaining how he came across one of his sexual experiences, the experience he has is with a sexy hell, blond smooth slightly tanned Twinkie, in the blondís bed. The blond toned stunner, keeps asking his dark haired, Twinkie DJ mate to fuck him, as if heís just discovered being a bottom. Anyway after a horny fuck the DJ boy cums on the blonds face and body, they both smear the DJís sperm all over the blondís own torso. The second part of this first scene sees us with what starts off as a hot threesome, with two Twinkies filling their mates mouth with their cocks, getting him to eat their cum, then the DJ and his blond mate join these three guys and piss flows all over one of the begging willing piss takers. The third part starts off with the DJ boy Twinkie peeing in a urinal and he soon gets another Twinkie to suck him off.

Scene 2
Some playful rough sex takes place with two hotties, one blind folds the other and enjoys treating his, canít see Twinkie mate, to some ass slapping and cock sucking. Watch out for the sexy undies and bubble butt arses. The blondest lad out of the two lads gets his mate to loosen him up with a dildo, before his mate fucks him good and proper. A cleaner boy soon hears the two lads outside the doorway in the passage way and so the cleaner boy soon opens the door partially and watches the two lads at it and wanks on his own meat stick.

Scene 3
A dark haired Twinkie starts off by pleasuring himself in the shower with a dildo and the blond haired mega hot cleaner from the last scene who didnít get the chance to finish his wank, asks his very frustrated shower boy, if he can join him. The shower boy soon begs the cleaner lad that he wants to sit on his stiff blond rock hard cock and of course the cleaner boy lets his shower Twinkie squat on his throbber. These two lads are clearly very frustrated as this ends up being a very intense physical session they both have together. Iím surprised they didnít crack some of the tiles, check out cum in the bum, piss in the bum and a bit of cum eating, and donít say I didnít warn you!

Scene 4
A cute smooth young stud is walking along a dirt track and two guys in a four by four pass him and notice him, so the two guys stop the vehicle and get out and chase the lad, capture him and then force the lad to the ground and then they both fuck the hot man bitch. One of the guys from the four by four is older in his late twenties and is very fit. The smooth young stud victim gets handled very roughly and the older guy shows less mercy to the young stud victim than his younger Twinkie accomplice and he pees on his victim to end things off.

Scene 5
The final part of the film starts with group action in the shower, with lads being lads kind of stuff then one of the Twinkies gets chosen to be group fucked, they all have a go pounding into their bottom boy orgy chosen one. Cocks end up in both ends of the chosen one, something that just turns them all on more and more. The chosen one, ends up being a cum eating slut boy, as well as the group piss worshipper!

Themes: Bareback Sex, Cum Eating, Dildos/Toys, DVD, European, Facial Cumshots, Oral Sex, Outdoor Sex, Rimming, ThreeWays/Orgies, Uncut Cocks, Water Sports, Young Men
Starring: Jack Wilson, Jeoshua Black, Johny Hunter, Julien Breeze, Kenny Fox, Mark Nelson, Marty Reilly, Nicholas Kimmy, Nick Deniels, Paul Studi, Thomas Dyk, Zack Hood
Studio: Dirty Fuckers
Duration: 110 minutes

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